Welsh Government Energy Service


Local Energy Toolkit

The Local Energy Toolkit has been developed to help community groups take forward the development of renewable energy projects. It is designed to be accessible to people with different levels of understanding of the technology, project development, financial and legal issues.

The Toolkit provides guidance to community groups to develop their project from an initial concept through to construction and operation. It does not replace the need for specialist support from third-party suppliers or consultants, but ensures that you will be guided through the development process by identifying the steps that you can complete yourself and highlighting those steps where additional support is likely to be required.

This Toolkit comprises three sections:

Project development  

As you go through these documents, you will see that while they contain relevant information and advice, they also signpost to other sources of web-based information. This recognises that each project will be different and ensures that you have access to the latest information necessary to develop your project. The objective of this approach is to put you in touch with a wide group of organisations that can help you to develop your project.

The toolkit is just one piece of support available and you are encouraged to make contact with the Welsh Government – Local Energy team at the initiation of your project and as it progresses. Your local Development Officer will have insight into some of the challenges you will face developing your project and the success stories of other groups in your area.

Every project development is different. The Toolkit aims to help you identify what is needed to develop your project. If there is further information you think should be included in the Toolkit or elements within it that you think should be updated, please let us know and we will look to incorporate your feedback.