The Welsh Government’s renewable energy support service


Project Development

Establishing a Community Group

The Establish a Community Group Module is designed to act as a reference for Community Groups in the development of renewable energy projects in Wales. It sets out what is expected of a group and what key skills are required for success. There is a detailed look at the legal frameworks that must be put in place, what financial considerations must be considered and what involvement is necessary during the operational phase of the project.

Establishing a Community Group module

Grid connection

Connecting a renewable energy generator to the electricity grid is essential to be able to receive income from the sale of electricity and securing a suitable and affordable grid connection is often a barrier to projects of all sizes and technologies. This module will give an overview of the electricity grid in Wales and how to obtain a connection for your project.

Grid connection module


Obtaining planning permission is a key step in project development and can be a very significant barrier. This module covers:

  • The planning system - an overview of planning within a renewable energy project
  • The role of local planning authorities - an introduction to planning authorities and what the planning authorities are responsible for
  • Making a planning application - a more detailed look at the planning application and process, including how and when to contact your local planning authority

Planning module


Procurement processes are designed to help choose the right goods and services in a fair and open way. They aim to help ensure good quality and value whilst also demonstrating that selection processes are fair and transparent.

This section provides advice around how to procure goods and services, including anything from consultancy to equipment to construction and installation work.

Procurement module

Project Plan

If your group is proceeding with a project, you will need to start compiling a project development plan. A Project Plan template can be downloaded here. This should be populated with all the tasks to be completed during the project development, the duration of each task and the assigned owner of each task.

Project Plan

Securing a site

One of the key aspects of developing a renewable energy project is to ensure that you have secure and legal access to where your project will be built and all points needed to get to it and to export the energy generated. This module will explain what types of agreements are needed and how and when to get them. 

Securing a site module


Approaching the construction stage of a project means that a project should soon be generating clean energy but presents new challenges and requirements. This module offers a detailed look at each phase of the construction process, the different roles that are involved, an overview of contractor management good practice and a brief introduction to the legal requirements and obligations as the developer of a site.

Construction module

Commercial Business Models Module

There are an increasing number of different ways that renewable energy projects, particularly small scale community projects, can be commercially structured and technically designed to be financially viable

Commercial Business Models Module