The Welsh Government’s renewable energy support service


Case Studies

Welcome to our Woods

Welcome To Our Woods are using their 27kW hydropower development to help reduce fuel poverty, make better use of natural resources and generate revenue for use in the local community. 

Penllergare Trust

Penllergare Trust uses their 25kW Low Head hydropower development to supply electricity to an onsite café and generate additional income to help the local community.

Friends of Taff Bargoed

Friends of Taff Bargoed operates a 100kW Hydropower development at the cascades of the Taff Bargoed River and use its profits to deliver community benefit through improving facilities, equipment and support for local clubs in the Taff Bargoed Park.

Awel Co-op: Mynydd y Gwrhyd Wind Farm

Awel Co-op: Mynydd y Gwrhyd Wind Farm generates and sells clean, low carbon renewable electricity, and use the profits generated to tackle climate change by delivering sustainable community projects in the local area.

Carmarthenshire Energy Ltd

Carmarthenshire Energy’s wind turbine based in Salem generates a sustainable income for local action on climate change, energy efficiency, locally owned renewables and fuel poverty.

Gower Regeneration Solar Farm 

Gower Regeneration’s solar farm at Dunvant is Wales’ first community owned solar farm. With a capacity of 1 MW, it reinvests its profits into local social enterprises and education about sustainable development.

Swansea Community Energy and Enterprise Scheme

The Swansea Community Energy and Enterprise Scheme (SCEES) scheme was developed with the aim of using community-owned solar energy to help regenerate deprived wards in the city. Now independently managed, it has established ten solar PV systems on community buildings owned by local people through a new social enterprise.